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Figure Skating Programs

All figure skating programs are taught in both group and private lesson formats.  They teach skaters the fundamentals of basic skating skills, stroking, spins, jumps, dance, creative movement and performance skills.  

The Figure Skating Programs that we currently offer are:

Bronze - Skaters who are currently competing/testing at the Star 2 level or skaters who have been invited from JuniorStarSkate or STAR Academy programs.

Silver - Skaters who are currently competing/testing at Star 2 or 3 level or skaters who have been invited from the Bronze program.

Gold - Skaters who are currently competing/testing at or above the Star 4 level or skaters who have been invited from the Silver program.


Stretch Class (Bronze-Gold)- Skaters will work to develop flexibility in their shoulders, back and hips which is necessary for figure skating positions.

Dryland Jumping (Bronze-Gold)-  Skaters will work on rotational exercises, positioning and skating specific movement patterns which are essential to be technically proficient on the ice.

Ballet (Bronze - Gold)

Note that all level placements must be approved by the Director of Skating.

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What Equipment is Required?

Proper skating attire is mandatory on all of our sessions.  Clothes must be fitted to the body and hair must be tied back and off the face.  No hoodies are permitted.  Skaters need to have good quality supportive skates.

image placeholderWhat is the Schedule?

Programs are offered Monday through Saturday.  Please see the schedule page for class times and off ice locations.  All Fall sessions will take place on our home ice at the Cloverdale Arena.

Note that new registrations are by coach approval only.  Please contact our Director of Skating for an audition at

Not sure which program would best suit your skater?

Please reach out to Amy our Director of Programs at for program recommendations!